Therapy is a beneficial resource that helps people lead happier, healthier, more satisfying lives. Still, most people don’t seek therapy until they are in crisis or feel they have no other options. As therapists, the LMV Counseling team is always here to support people who are experiencing times of extreme difficulty, but we also want to help people understand that therapy can offer numerous benefits – even if your life is going okay. In this blog, we’ll talk about the top five reasons people consider therapy.

1) Improve Skills to Better Communicate & Engage with Others

Establishing and maintaining relationships is difficult. The root of many relationship struggles is simple – poor communication. One of the greatest advantages to working with a therapist is learning to communicate clearly with other people. You can also learn to engage with people empathetically and compassionately. By learning to change the way you talk and listen to other people, you can dramatically improve your relationships.

2) Short Term Therapy Sessions = Long-Term Results

Many people only attend therapy for a few months or even a few sessions to work through a specific difficulty. Just because they only had a few sessions that doesn’t mean the benefits stopped when the sessions ended. The goal of therapy is to help people heal and develop new skills and strategies to more easily navigate life’s challenges. What you can learn in just a few sessions will continue to benefit you for a lifetime.

3) Your Physical Health May Improve from Therapy

Mental and cognitive disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, and psychological trauma can have an impact on our physical health. Depression makes people feel physically exhausted. Anxiety can lead to stomach pains. Stress is linked to poor immune health. Trauma can cause nightmares, headaches, and a range of other complications. Our minds and bodies are connected, so dealing with emotional and cognitive concerns can improve your whole body health.

4) Increase Self-Awareness

Many people who seek therapy benefit from increased self-awareness. They learn to look inward and recognize problematic thought, feeling, and behavior patterns. For instance, someone may automatically assume their loved ones are being critical of them. When they check in with that loved one, they find out the situation was entirely misconstrued. They can then start to recognize and change the negative thoughts, which improves mood and positively impacts the way they behave toward that loved one.  

5) Feel Less Alone

Even before the pandemic, feelings of loneliness and isolation were significant concerns. By working with a therapist, people begin to build their support systems. Having someone to speak with regularly can make people feel significantly less isolated and alone. Therapy may also give individuals the confidence to foster new relationships or make more meaningful connections with other people in their lives.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re experiencing one of these concerns or you’re just ready to make a change, the LMV Counseling team is here to support your therapy goals. To get started, complete our online scheduling request. You can also call our office at (910) 210-6160 or email

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