Grief Counseling in Wilmington, NC

Grief Counseling in Wilmington, NC

grief counseling wilmington nc

You find yourself thinking

“I’m lost.”

“It feels like the pain will never stop.”

“I’m so broken.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

“I don’t know who I am.”

“I used to define myself by (my role) and now I don’t know who I am.”

“I’m lost; I’m surrounded by all these people I love and I still don’t know what to do.”




This grief is overwhelming

Someone you love has died; someone or something that’s important to you is about to be gone forever.  The pain of the grief and loss that you’ve experienced at times feels unbearable.  The weight of the loss hits you like a ton of bricks.

You may second guess of yourself. You may be angry or have feelings of guilt. You are confused and forgetful; your chest is heavy. Loneliness sets in and you feel anxious or tired all the time or both.

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Loss comes in all forms:

  • Death
  • Loss of marriage
  • End of a romantic relationship
  • Loss of independence
  • Loss of health
  • Retirement
  • Job loss
  • Loss of financial status
  • Children moving out of the home
  • Death of a pet




How do I move forward?grief counseling wilmington nc

You want help fixing your life and picking up the pieces. We can help you rebuild what you see as a happy, healthy life regardless of your past loss. You want to fill that void and find a way to fill that emptiness. We can help you to reclaim your life. We can work together to rebuild by honoring the loss and finding a new life beyond that.

It’s time to get started. It’s possible to think about your loss without becoming overwhelmed by emotion. It’s possible to find hope again. We’ll be your guide on this journey.