Introduction to Guided Imagery

18 Aug
guided imagery meditation for anxiety lmv counseling

Introduction to Guided Imagery

guided imagery meditation for anxiety lmv counseling

Guided Imagery is an easy first step into meditation

Guided imagery is a particularly effective tool for calming the mind and refocusing.  Guided imagery is a type of meditation.  In the middle of a hectic day, it is easy to get caught up in the to do lists and the checklists.  Taking a moment in your day to refocus on yourself can help you recharge and reset.

Mindful 5 minute break

Turn your phone to do not disturb mode (this is YOUR time after all) and set your alarm for five minutes.  In those five minutes, begin by closing your eyes or dropping your gaze.  Tune into the sensations of your body. Notice any tension in your body.  Take notice of the depth of your breath.  Explore your senses in that very moment.  What are you hearing? What are you smelling? What are you seeing in your mind’s eye?  What do you taste?  What are you touching?  After you h

ave explored these sense and oriented yourself to the present moment, try repeating to yourself:

safe anxiety cope emotions stress lmv counseling

May I be well.

May I be at peace.

May I allow kindness and compassion to guide my day.

Picture yourself in a safe place

Perhaps you may find it helpful and calming to picture yourself on a safe place for you as your repeat these words to yourself.  I have found it helpful to picture myself in a hammock on a tropical island while I surround myself with these compassion mantras.  Continue to repeat this to help calm your mind and extend compassion to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors for the remainder of the day.

What if my mind wanders?meditation calms the wandering mind counseling therapy

It is natural for the mind to drift back to lists or worrying.  Try to lasso the mind and gently redirect it back to the current sensation you’re experiencing in the moment.  This 5 mindful minute exercise takes practice.  Be kind with yourself as you learn to guide your mind and give yourself permission to relax.  You are building a relaxation muscle.  Practice your reps and build it up strong.  Research shows that by practicing meditation, such as this, for five minutes a day can actually improve productivity and increase happiness.  We often get caught up in our lives and put self-care on the back burner.  In fact, flipping that around by putting your self-care first will help you achieve your goals quicker and with greater satisfaction.

If you want more check out the app Insight Timer.  I highly recommend it!

Guided imagery is just one tool in the tool box of learning to cope with anxiety.  Are you ready to take the next step and learn more ways to cope?  Get in touch!


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