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Meet the Counselor- Lillian Hood - LMV Counseling ;

Meet the Counselor- Lillian Hood

12 Jan
Lillian Hood psychotherapy in wilmington, nc anxiety therapy trauma counseling substance abuse counseling

Meet the Counselor- Lillian Hood

What do you love most about therapy?

I love that therapy empowers the individual. I tell each of my patients that my goal is to work myself out of a job.  I want to give you the tools you can take with you so you no longer need me. I revel in the moment when we look back at where you were a month, 6 months or a year ago and acknowledge that what you’re doing now is so different from how you would have handled the same situation back then. Look how far you have come!

What are your specialties and how are you different from other therapists?

I work well with adults who struggle with anxiety, trauma, addiction or a combination of these. I appreciate what it takes toLillian Hood substance abuse counseling cognitive behavioral therapy in wilmington NC decide that you need therapy and to take the steps to find the right person for you. My approach includes diligence, compassion, empowerment, and quality. It also involves me creating a setting where you will be comfortable, knowing that you’re in the right place, and it’s okay to be you. I sprinkle in a little humor among all of that hard work along with a straight-forward, caring manner that will help make this an effective and positive experience for you.

In my sessions, you will learn how to truly get connected with what really matters to you. As these things take their rightful place in your life, you will feel more fulfilled, contented, and confident. You’ll learn the ability to use mindfulness in place of over thinking. As you progress, you’ll experience the freedom of practicing true acceptance and the peace of being your best self. You’ll process your experiences in a different way and learn to be compassionate with yourself and the challenges you face. You will use behavioral techniques to decrease or eliminate the effects of past trauma. You’ll also learn ways to identify and participate in the kind of relationships that you want to keep in your life.

LMV Counseling stress management in wilmington, NC

How do you inspire hope in your clients?

I focus on, what may seem like, small victories. When you can see small changes, or successfully use a new tool, it is evidence that bigger and better things are to come. I make it a practice to point out these victories to you and encourage you to start seeing your progress through that lens.

What do you want all clients to know prior to coming to therapy?

Between where you are and where you want to be is uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. We can get so comfortable in our own little cesspool. It’s familiar. Even though we want out of it (because, who wouldn’t), we can find ourselves reverting to old behaviors, postponing doing the work to make change happen, or even sabotaging ourselves so things can stay the same. If you come into therapy open minded, willing to do the work, and honest about what is happening, you are going to reap the benefits.

How do you find balance and care for yourself?

lmv counseling wilmington individual counseling anxiety depression addiction overwhelmed

I once heard a speaker ask the question, “Are you balanced, or are you simply a good juggler?” He proceeded to explain how being a juggler meant you were stressed most of the time, always trying to keep things moving so they don’t come crashing down. When your life is balanced, everything flows together. All of the important things in your life, including you, get the attention they need. I try to always keep this in mind. Whenever I start to feel like I’m juggling, I take a step back, look for what has become unbalanced in my life, and address it. I make self care a priority which, for me, includes reading, being in nature, connecting with my spirituality, volunteering, and drawing strength from my friends and family.


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