Meet Clare Rolquin


Specialty: Animal-Assisted Therapy, EMDR, Ages 13+

Understanding Your Struggles with Depression and Anxiety

Together, we’ll uncover what’s truly going on and find the best ways to cope and thrive.

Being a teenager can feel like an endless rollercoaster. One moment, everything is fine, and the next, it feels like the world is caving in. If you’re a teen grappling with depression and anxiety, you might feel like you’re lost in a storm, unable to find your way out. The activities that once brought you joy now seem distant, and maintaining friendships feels like a daunting task. You may have even had thoughts about self-harm or already taken steps in that direction. It’s a tough, confusing time, and you’re not alone.

Parents, your concerns are valid and deeply felt:

  • You’ve seen your teen’s grades slip and worry about their future.
  • You’ve discovered they might be harming themselves and feel a wave of fear and helplessness.
  • Your once lively teen now withdraws from family interactions, spending most of their time isolated in their room.
  • You’ve come across troubling content on their phone or social media that you don’t know how to address.

The good news is, you don’t have to face this alone. You’re searching for a way to see your teen smile again, to help them reclaim their happiness. I am here to guide both you and your teen through these challenging times, offering support and strategies to navigate this difficult journey.

Effective Therapy in Wilmington, NC

In therapy, we’ll dive deeper into understanding your mental health beyond the surface symptoms. Together, we’ll uncover what’s truly going on and find the best ways to cope and thrive. I’ll team up with you and your family to explore new coping strategies that fit into your life. My goal is to help you deal with your challenges in healthy ways, so you can feel better without resorting to harmful behaviors.
Whether you’re eager to start therapy or feeling unsure about it, you’re welcome here. No matter where you’re starting from, we’ll use that as a foundation to build upon. Therapy is a space where you can be yourself and work at your own pace, discovering how to care for yourself in healthier ways.

EMDR for Distress & Trauma in Wilmington, NC

I hold a Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate and a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist License, and I earned my Master of Social Work from UNC Wilmington. As a strong ally and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and a Health at Every Size provider, I am committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

I specialize in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. EMDR involves processing traumatic memories by moving your eyes in a specific way, helping you heal from upsetting or scary events. This method can address any negative belief you have about yourself or any experience that feels stuck.

Think of EMDR like watching an event on a screen where you hold the remote. I use bi-tappers on your wrists, similar to wearing a smartwatch, to assist with processing distress. We can work through any distressing event or trauma you identify. The process is slow and deliberate, and you are always in control. If you ever feel overwhelmed, you can use your “remote” to change the channel.

Meet Molly – My Therapy Dog in Wilmington, NC: Your Golden Retriever Co-Therapist

Introducing Molly, my wonderful co-therapist and beloved Golden Retriever. Molly is an expert in animal-assisted therapy and Clare and Molly are certified as a therapy team through Canines For Service. With your permission, she joins our sessions, bringing her unique brand of comfort and support.
Dogs have an incredible ability to sense stress, and Molly is no exception. She can smell the increased cortisol levels when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Often, she’ll come over to check on you, offering a paw to hold or a gentle nudge to pet her, helping to bring your stress levels down. Her soft, gentle demeanor and occasional goofy antics create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
If you’re a dog lover, you’ll find Molly’s presence incredibly soothing. I invite you to come in, snuggle up with Molly, and open up about what’s going on. Together, we’re here to support you every step of the way.