Meet Jasmine Cross

Specialty: Teens & People of Color

Jasmine Cross

“What if” you choose a life you wanted to live

You feel like you are stuck behaving and living your life the way others want you to. You feel the desire to express yourself how you want to without judgment. Maybe you’ve tried to express yourself and it wasn’t welcomed by your family, friends and culture. You know as a young person of color that you have to work twice as hard to have the same recognition or same opportunities. You may wonder:

“Am I living my life for me or for other people?”

“Do I have to represent my entire culture/race/gender in this room?”

“How do I fit in this world where people think I’m not good enough or old enough?”

“How do I fit into this world that doesn’t feel like it was designed for me?”

You feel so much pressure and anxiety. It’s lonely and uncomfortable under the weight of all the expectations. You’re not happy and out of place. There is an ongoing tension between what you want and what society wants.

You know that if it keeps going on like this, you’ll never reach your full potential. You just will give up on your own dreams and goals, giving way to what your family and society want. You might develop physical health problems and think “what if” you choose a life you wanted to live.

Live Your Life 100%

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can live as yourself fully. In your skin, in your body, you are enough. You can come to terms with finding self-love and confidence. In therapy with me, you’ll learn how to take chances and seize opportunities that you want to do. I provide a space that is validating and helps you explore who you need to be. You’ll feel comfortable talking and showing up in life based on how you want. You’ll feel relief. You’ll begin letting go of the expectations placed upon you and own the expectations you would like to place upon yourself.

You are taking opportunities and chances that are for you and that you want to do. You’re living your life 100% in your skin, how you want to be. When you speak and how you appear is based on how you want to do it; not societal, family or cultural views.

Zone Into Your Body

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life that we can forget our bodies and minds are connected. Zoning into your body is the key to your mental health. I will teach you to scan your body and develop an internal compass. I always say, “We all started at nothing but our bodies.” You’ll discover radical acceptance. This means that we accept things as they are.

I’ve experienced what you’ve been through. I’ve been there. I was a young black female navigating through the same society. It’s sometimes refreshing to talk to someone else who has that foundation. We may not have the same experience but I have the same foundation. I know what that looks like. You can be an open book with me. I take it as it is and meet you where you’re at.

“Cause a Winner Don’t Quit on Themselves”

You might’ve thought or been told, “Oh no, we don’t do that [therapy].” You’ve been taught to stick to your own family or unit. Perhaps, your religion has told you to go to a higher power. This may even be the first time you’ve felt like something was wrong. You have likely been thinking about therapy for a while but you’ve had challenges finding someone who looks like you. I get it.

“I break chains all by myself
Won’t let my freedom rot in hell
Hey! I’ma keep running
‘Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”


There is hope you can be who you want to be in this world, however, you want to be in it. Feel confident and find the love within yourself. Come find the true freedom of self-acceptance and confidence. I can help. Let’s get started now.