Young Adult Counseling

Up until now, you’ve had your life pretty much laid out. Make sure to get through school, graduate, and go to college. Now that you’re out ofcollege all you can see is one big fat question mark. There are so many options out there and no one prepared you for this. You feel confused and not sure what you should be doing. You wonder how you’re supposed to get it all done- have your finances together, your life together, your relationships together, your career together, your social media together, ALL. THE. THINGS. You feel overwhelmed and exhausted.


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You find yourself thinking:

– “Should I get a job in what I went to school for even though I hate it?”
– “Everyone seems to have it together.”
– “This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.”

You may find yourself:

– Smiling at big events and saying “everything’s great” while inside you feel lost.
– Feeling frustrated.
– Isolating.
– Distracting yourself by binge watching TV and hoping everything will go away.


Our counselors can help you navigate this confusing time. We can help you build a road map to your life based on what you care about and what you value- not based on your family’s expectations, society’s expectations, or perhaps, even your own unrealistic expectations. Our counselors will help you identify your patterns of thoughts and behaviors that contribute to feeling confused and overwhelmed. We help you learn ways to cope with your emotions, welcome discomfort, and discover a life worth living.


The quarter life crisis is real. There’s no better time to have a supportive guide that cares for you.