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Meet Janice Mann - LMV Counseling ;

Meet Janice Mann

You feel like you’re going nowhere, you feel trapped. You’re grasping at straws to find connection. Finding connection with yourself, others or even reality is elusive. The scary and upsetting events you’ve experienced weigh you down. You think:

“How do I let go?”

“How do I move forward?”

“Is It normal to not be connected to myself”

You may feel like you can’t share what you’ve experienced because it feels too heavy. You don’t want to be a burden to your friends or family. You may have found drugs, alcohol, self-sabotaging behaviors, or push people away as a way to escape and avoid. You’re tired of feeling like this. It’s a confusing and lonely state of being.

You don’t know where to start but you know you should probably talk to someone.



How Do I Define Trauma?

Trauma is things that happen to us and the things that didn’t happen to us. The things that we endure. The things that we lack. It can happen when we’re growing up or as adults; whatever the experience, our survival instincts kick in. Those survival skills become integrated into ourselves and help us define how we connect with the world.

First, Establish Safety

It is a courageous step to enter into trauma counseling. You may have concerns about potential judgement from me. You may wonder how you’ll sit across from a stranger and talk about the horrific things you experienced. You’re likely wondering if I can handle it or if you’ll lose it in the office.

We will first begin by establishing safety. I help you begin to establish safety by:

  • Providing education on why what’s happening in your body is happening and then invite curiosity to your experience and your body’s natural reactions.
  • Use body language and validation of your experience.
  • Use sensory tool kits to calm the body such as fidget toys, essential oils, coloring books, walking, & soft materials
  • There is no shame. There is no disappointment. If you didn’t meet your goal, we’ll explore what was the barrier. We’ll become curious as to what’s going on when you didn’t achieve your own goal. What are your disappointments and achievements? What are other times you felt that way. We’ll question the thoughts- where did they originate from? What contributed to that?



Partnering through EMDR

I use a treatment called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) that helps to alleviate distress associated with past traumas. When we experience trauma, it can be all-encompassing. EMDR allows a person to still acknowledge the trauma but also function in their daily life. You can think about and experience other things in your life. I’m also a hardcore skill builder. I want to you to have an invisible suitcase and can pull it out at any time to identify and cope with a trauma response.

One of my friends described me as a smoke jumper, the person who will jump out of the helicopter during a

wildfire to help put it out. I’m ready to run in. I’m not afraid to be there with you. I’ve utilized EMDR myself and it’s been very effective for my own growth. There was a time that I couldn’t feel my body. The skills I learned through EMDR helped me to connect to natural resources, like hiking. I wouldn’t ask an individual to go somewhere that I wasn’t willing to go myself.

After working with me you’ll experience:

  •        The ability to cope with trauma responses
  •         Stress reduction
  •         Initiating a connection with yourself
  •         Trusting yourself
  •         Less on edge & more present

Whatever we’re feeling is within our body and our body can withstand it. Our trauma is not a burden. How we feel is not a burden. Get started on a better, calmer path. Let’s get started now.