Psychedelic Therapy for Mental Health
in Wilmington, NC

Jumpstart your healing journey with Ketamine Assisted Therapy and Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Psychedelic compounds, like MDMA and psilocybin, have the potential to make rapid and lasting changes on the quality of our mental health. While most psychedelics are currently illegal under federal law, their therapeutic potential is being reconsidered due to the global mental health crisis. Research is underway to evaluate the effectiveness of combing these psychedelic compounds with therapeutic intervention. In fact, the FDA is currently reviewing a new drug application for MDMA therapy for the treatment of PTSD (submitted December 2023). Currently, ketamine is the only psychedelic medication that is legally used for the treatment of depression and suicidality.

Psychedelic therapy differs from traditional talk therapy as it tackles the root cause of symptoms rather than merely suppressing them. It’s a fresh perspective on our conventional medical model. When these compounds are paired with psychotherapy, it creates a potent combination empowering individuals to heal themselves. Psychedelics bring profound effects on how you perceive the world, your thoughts, and consciousness. They can also enhance a greater sense of connectedness.

Pioneering Psychedelic Therapy in Wilmington, NC

Lauren Vilar, LCSW, LCAS, is dedicated to advancing Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAP) in Wilmington, NC. As the owner of LMV Counseling, Lauren, a trauma and psychedelic-assisted therapy specialist, has been assisting individuals facing PTSD and challenging mental health issues for several years. Despite clients diligently following recommended practices, achieving a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms that would restore a quality of life remained a challenge. Motivated by this, Lauren founded Go Inward, a sister company to LMV Counseling, with the aim of exploring treatment options that could bring about robust and meaningful changes.


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in Wilmington, NC


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy utilizes low to moderate ketamine doses to alter consciousness during psychotherapy sessions with a therapist, facilitating exploration of personal goals and experiences. High doses can induce non-ordinary states, requiring careful preparation and support. The psychotherapeutic process following KAP aims to stabilize positive changes, address psychological issues, and enhance self-awareness, leveraging ketamine’s neurobiological properties.

At Go Inward, we specialize in KAP and psychedelic integration therapy services. To ensure comprehensive support and care, we collaborate with prescribers. Discover more about the transformative potential of KAP and psychedelic therapy with us.

If you’re interested in KAP and psychedelic therapy, please reach out to and explore our services on our website.

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