07 Aug
mindfulness based CBT

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MCBT) is another beneficial form of counseling that developed out of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This version of CBT brings mindfulness practices into therapy sessions and everyday use, so the person is able to stay centered and focused on the present moment. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, like traditional CBT, offers versatility to help […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most widely used approaches to therapy in the U.S. and internationally. At LMV Counseling, our therapists utilize cognitive behavioral therapy for many of their clients. This therapy technique was developed in the 1960s by psychiatrist, Aaron T. Beck who noticed that many clients engaged in self-talk that caused […]

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

First developed in the 1980s by a psychologist and professor at the University of Nevada, Steven C. Hayes, acceptance and commitment therapy is an approach to counseling that encourages individuals to stop running from their emotions. Instead, acceptance and commitment therapy helps individuals embrace and fully experience emotions that arise in order to understand why […]

19 Jun
types of therapy with LMV Counseling

Let’s Explore the Different Types of Therapy

If you’re considering therapy for the first time, you may have heard friends and loved ones who have been to therapy talking about the different approaches. It can be hard to tell, but the various types of therapy are more than just alphabet soup. ACT, CBT, MBCT, CPT EMDR. The list of acronyms in the […]

05 Jun
The Benefits of Being Single

The Benefits of Being Single

Being single is often viewed as a temporary state that people should get out of as soon as possible. People stay in bad relationships or relationships they don’t find fulfilling because they think it’s better than being alone. This mentality leads to people living with less satisfying relationships than they want, need, or deserve. Instead […]

25 May

Top 5 Reasons Men Seek Therapy

Research indicates that men are significantly less likely than women to schedule therapy sessions. When men do seek therapy, they tend to do so at times of extreme crisis or if they’re specifically referred by a physician. The common misconception among men (and people in general) is that therapy is for people who are in […]

25 Apr

Top 5 Reasons Women Seek Therapy

Anyone of any gender can benefit from working with a therapist for a wide range of reasons. In this blog, the LMV Counseling team is going to look specifically at some of the many reasons that women seek therapy. If you’re interested in learning more about why men seek counseling, make sure to come back […]

27 Mar

The Benefits of Therapy for Healing Sexual Trauma

For the survivors of sexual abuse, assault, or other sexual trauma, making the decision to begin therapy can be tough. The thought of “reliving” the event is overwhelming. It’s natural to want to shut away these difficult experiences. This is a form of self-protection that we respect, and in some cases, it’s necessary to allow […]

08 Mar

Spring Cleaning Your Emotions

Spring cleaning is an old tradition where people take time during the season of renewal to thoroughly clean their homes, clear away clutter, and start the spring and summer fresh and ready to face the season of growth. Like the clutter, dust, and grime in our homes, our minds also become burdened by unresolved feelings […]