Meet Mallory Spence


Specialty: Substance Use Disorders, Addiction, Trauma

You’re Aware Your Substance Use Has Become an Issue

Things have gotten a little out of hand lately. You’ve started to have problems with your family or friends. People are mentioning they’re concerned about your drug or alcohol use. And if you’re really honest, you’re getting a little worried too.

You may think:

“I don’t understand how other people can have just one drink/drug. That just doesn’t work for me.”

“I feel terrible the next day and promise I’ll never do it again. Then next thing I know, I’m drinking/using again”

“It used to be fun and now it feels like I’m on auto pilot.”

“I know it’s bad for my health and my relationships, I’m just not sure I’m ready to give it up.”

You’re willing to accept there is an issue and you want to make change. However, you aren’t quite sure what those changes are. You know you can’t keep going on like this, it’s not sustainable.
There has to be a better way. A healthier way. A happier way. 

Drugs and Alcohol Are Fun, Until They’re Not

Drugs and alcohol work very well at reducing stress temporarily. They are effective at managing stress, but they aren’t long term fixes. It’s important to manage the root cause of the stress to decrease the substance use. Once we have a decrease in stress, you can handle your life and use in a more effective manner. I work with my clients to help them unpack their stress and learn a different way to live.

We work together to determine what your goals are. If your goal is to decrease your alcohol use from 6 glasses of wine a day to 5 glasses of wine a day, that’s where I’ll help you get. If you want to stop using or drinking completely, we can do that too. If you have no idea, we can talk that out.

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Direct Style, Judgement Free

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In some ways, I’ve been aiming to become the person that I wish I had when I was younger. I love working with folks figuring out their substance use. I don’t tell you what you want to hear, I tell you
what you need to hear. I don’t sugar coat it. This direct style has been refreshing to many that I’ve worked with. I know intimately how important it is to have a loving, kind, trusted person to provide feedback and support.

I have had a lot of experience with treating trauma, substance use and addiction. I have a Masters in Social Work from UNCW. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist. My work experience includes working in inpatient and outpatient substance use disorder treatment facilities. I have also worked with individuals on medication assisted recovery
(buprenorphine, methadone, Vivitrol). I have extensive experience with trauma and substance use disorders.

I am a LGBTQI+ ally and family member. I am passionate and motivated to make a difference in this field. I utilize motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy. I am an expert at partnering with my clients to help them understand their motivations and gain insight into how their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are all connected.

Find Your Happy

It is possible to find happiness again. I know my clients are reaching their goals when they share their stories of success. The first full bellied laugh they had without substances. The first beach
day without drinking beer and making a sand castle with their kid. The first wedding they attended and actually remember. The energy they have for life again. The first time they walk into a social situation and felt confident about themselves. This is the hope. You can make change in your life.

I often say:

“I’m not going to work harder than you, but when you want to work hard, I’ll work just as hard as you do.”

Let’s work hard together. Let’s make the changes you want to see in your life.