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Be Authentically You!

Counseling in Wilmington, NC

You’ve been struggling with anxiety and exhaustion that just won’t seem to go away.  You thought you would eventually feel better, but it’s getting worse.  It’s interfering with your work, your relationships, and your confidence.  You doubt yourself.  You say, “I’m fine” and smile, when really inside you feel like your world is falling apart.  It might even get in the way of you feeling hopeful about your life.  You catch yourself analyzing and questioning constantly.  Your mind never stops.

You think:

“How did it get this bad?”

“Will I ever feel better?”

“I just can’t catch a break.”

“I want to feel happy again.”

You end up feeling inadequate, frustrated, and fearful.  Sometimes the pain is too much and you turn to something numb the pain.  It’s only a temporary distraction.


Start Feeling Calmer Today

The truth is, you deserve a life where you are in control and calm.  You are worthy of happiness and are deserving of love. You know if you don’t take action it will get worse.  The periods of time you spend trying to numb your emotions become more intense and happen more often.  You feel sucked into a constant feeling of impending doom.  You try to do everything for everyone with the hopes that it will help you feel better, but it never does.  The shame feels unbearable.

Therapy can help you:

  • Feel confident in handling the uncertainties of life
  • Have renewed joy
  • Finding balance again
  • Connecting with the relationships that matter most

We can help- you are in the right place.



We know how lonely and difficult it can be to talk about these struggles. We have dedicated our lives to helping people discover a life worth living and regaining balance. We know how to help people heal and thrive. We know how difficult it can be to reach out and get started with a therapist. We promise to make your next steps as smooth as possible and welcome you without judgement. We are proud that you made the decision to take a step to feeling better today. Start feeling better today.