Online Therapy in North Carolina
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Online Counseling is accessible and convenient.

You may have difficulty leaving the house. You may live in a rural area of North Carolina and don’t want to see a therapist in your small town. You may have childcare issues or lack of transportation. Whatever your reason, therapy should be convenient and easily accessible. That’s where online therapy comes in.

We believe there is always time for counseling and have created a way to bring mental health therapy services to you. At LMV Counseling our clinicians provide online counseling through a confidential, HIPAA secure website. This software is similar to Skype or FaceTime, however it is secure for medical use. It is easy to use and you don’t have to download anything.

When you become a client of LMV Counseling, you’ll receive access to your own client portal. You will access your appointment for online counseling through your client portal. You can also securely message your therapist, view your account balance, and see when your appointments are. For established patients, access your Theranest portal here.

Research has supported the use of online therapy.

Online therapy is an excellent way to receive support within the comfort of your own home. It can be particularly effective to help keep up with the frequency at which your counselor recommends to treat your symptoms. Many insurance companies recognize and support the use of online counseling, or telehealth. Of course, we recommend asking your insurance company if this is covered under your benefit plan. Self-pay is an option if it is not a covered benefit.

Due to licensing requirements, online therapy is available to anyone in the state of North Carolina. All LMV Counseling therapists are trained and available for online therapy sessions.

You’ve waited long enough. Now there’s a solution to bring counseling to you!

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