10 Signs of Depression

Major depressive disorder causes changes to a person’s mood, appetite, sleep, and overall demeanor. It can feel like a dark cloud and that there is no way out. Check out these signs of depression. These signs are not meant to diagnose. If you think you maybe suffering from major depressive disorder, reach out to a trained professional for evaluation and help.
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  1. Self-Loathing Attitude
  2. Loss of Interest in Activities
  3. Irritability and isolation
  4. Anxiety
  5. Loss of Energy
  6. Disturbed Sleep Patterns
  7. Change in Appetite & Body weight
  8. Reckless Behavior
  9. Suicidal thoughts or actions

If you or someone you know is dealing with the symptoms above, reach out. Our trusted therapists will provide some relief and help you navigate this difficult mental health issue.  We are located in Wilmington, NC and provide counseling services Monday-Saturday.  Evening appointments are available.

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