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Category: Therapy

Meet the Counselor- Katie Schneeberger

What do you love most about therapy? I love using skills and interventions that raise the client’s level of readiness to change and seeing clients learn and utilize new skills and tools to reach their goals. I love to partner with my clients on the journey of self-discovery in therapy. What are your specialties and […]

Meet the Counselor- Dr. Josalin Hunter

What do you love most about therapy? I love to go above and beyond for my clients. I can do great work when my clients help make me aware of their goals and they consistently show up to work toward them. I love to see clients thrive and experience “lightbulb moments” with them. I am […]

Getting Real Results

LMV Counseling is excited to announce that we have partnered with Blueprint in order to continue providing the highest quality of care! Blueprint is a digital service that allows our clients to complete assessments, questionnaires, and activities related to their mental health in between sessions and on their own time. Research has shown that measurement-based care improves outcomes […]

26 Sep
enter into addiction treatment

Convincing Your Loved One to Enter Into Treatment

Convincing Your Loved One to Attend a Rehabilitation Program Contributing Post by Patrick Bailey The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 19.7 million Americans battled a substance use disorder in 2017. That number seemingly has remained the same throughout the years, meaning many persons with substance use disorders are not recovering fully or not […]

13 Jun
counseling for college students north carolina

Quick Win for Young Adults Right Now

Jackie Tozour sits down to tell us what she is noticing with young adults and college students.  Jackie tells us folks are dealing with disillusionment. She provides us with tips for a quick win to help young adults and college students feel better now. Disillusionment Disillusionment is a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery […]

16 May
catherine ladd grief counseling

Meet the Counselor- Catherine Ladd

Meet Catherine What do you love most about therapy? I currently specialize in grief and loss which can come in many forms. Loss of a loved one, a career, a child moving to college, physical changes to the body and anything that changes ones personal identity can all be consider a form of loss. When […]

04 Apr
jackie tozour evening therapy appointments

Meet the Counselor- Jackie Tozour

WE ARE OFFERING TELETHERAPY DURING THIS TIME. GET STARTED NOW. Meet Jackie What do you love most about therapy? I enjoy being trusted with the deepest and most vulnerable corners of others lives and helping people to explore and identify their truest self. I love tapping into my intuitive nature to connect and advocate for […]

07 Mar
depression therapy wilmington nc

10 Signs of Depression

10 Signs of Depression Major depressive disorder causes changes to a person’s mood, appetite, sleep, and overall demeanor. It can feel like a dark cloud and that there is no way out. Check out these signs of depression. These signs are not meant to diagnose. If you think you maybe suffering from major depressive disorder, […]

04 Feb
healing coping with trauma pusd counseling wilmington nc

Moving Forward: Learning about Child Sex Abuse

Moving Forward After Learning About Childhood Sexual Assault The #metoo movement has brought forward survivors’ stories and the media outlets are paying attention.  From Harry Weinstein to Jeffrey Epstein, we hear about stories of sexual assault frequently.  Our own community of Wilmington, NC has been dealing with two high profile and devastating cases highlighted in […]

07 Dec
counseling wrightsville beach

What to Expect: Your First Therapy Session

It is a courageous decision to enter into therapy and seek help.  Often, people put off coming to counseling until they absolutely have to get help.  This means that by the time the door closes in the therapy office, you’re ready to spill about everything that has been going on and upsetting you.  We want […]