You feel like you’re always single. Like your relationships never seem to last the test of time, or you never feel comfortable or confident in relationships. You’ve become that person who says you’ll never find a happy relationship. If this sounds familiar, therapy may help you better understand your relationship struggles and work to develop healthier, more fulfilling romantic partnerships. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top three benefits of working with a therapist for developing healthier and more satisfying relationships.individual therapy to better relationships

Define Yourself & Your Relationship Needs

If you don’t feel confident and stable as an individual, you may struggle to clearly define your relationship needs. Without a clear sense of self, it’s hard do know what aspects of a relationship will leave you feeling satisfied. In many cases, people go into relationships thinking if they work hard to please the other person that person will work hard to help them feel fulfilled in the relationship. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Knowing who you are and what you need from relationships is essential, so you can self-advocate and achieve a more satisfying partnership. Not just accept what the other person wants to give you.

Uncover Your Relationship Roadblocks

Each relationship will have unique roadblocks that lead to arguments and struggles. Uncovering and learning to avoid or better navigate these roadblocks is essential. Some common relationship roadblocks include:

  • Unrealistic thinking about or expectations of the relationship or your partner
  • Underlying, untreated diagnoses (anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Negative thoughts about self, poor self-esteem, low self-worth
  • Codependency, attachment issues, difficulty developing healthy bonds
  • Difficulty relinquishing control
  • Feelings of fear related to intimacy or abandonment

Create a Clear Picture of What a Loving Relationship Looks Like

When you know who you are, what you need, and the roadblocks that can stand in your way, you are halfway to developing a healthy, loving relationship. If you’re very lucky, you had good models for relationships in your past to build off in your future. Unfortunately, too many people only see relationships that are unhealthy, and it’s difficult to imagine what a fulfilling relationship would really be like. With a therapist, you can learn what meaningful attachment looks and feels like. You can work to improve your relationships, and you can better understand when a relationship is not what you need. Most importantly, you’ll see the aspects of your current relationships that need to change or grow for you to remain satisfied. You can also develop your communication skills, so you can discuss these areas of need with your partner with less risk of argument or causing unnecessary pain.

Ready to Talk to a Therapist?

At LMV Counseling, we know how beneficial therapy sessions can be to improve every aspect of your life. Whether you want to talk about your relationships or you need an objective listener as you work through a life challenge, a therapist can help you navigate even the most difficult situations. If you’d like to work with one of our knowledgeable team members, complete our online scheduling request form.