Stress and anxiety are often caused or increased by a lack of control and order. When we have too much to do or our lives feel chaotic, the impact of stress and anxiety on our daily lives increases. By setting boundaries to remove unnecessary items from our to-do lists and prioritizing tasks, we can alleviate stress and anxiety. In many cases, clutter and disorganization can also lead to more severe symptoms of stress and anxiety. Because of this, cleaning up and organizing our spaces can lead to reduced impact of stress and anxiety. Keep reading this blog to learn more about the powerful benefits of spring cleaning and better organization for relieving stress and anxiety.

How Is a Cleaner Space Stress-Relieving?

Your home and other personal spaces should be safe havens where you can rest and relax from the sources of stress and anxiety in your day-to-day life. When these personal spaces are cluttered, disorganized, or dirty, it’s harder for us to get the rest and relaxation we need. By keeping spaces clean, we alleviate this source of stress. Additionally, the act of cleaning itself can relieve stress. Cleaning can be an opportunity to shut off your mind and burn off some excess energy. Opening the windows to air out the house at the end of the winter exposes the senses to the sights, sounds, and sensations of the spring. Cool, fresh air, birds chirping, and flowers blooming. This positive influx of sensations diminishes the way that stress and anxiety impact the body, releasing tension and pain and inviting in a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Cleaning Your Physical Spaces Can Improve Your Mental Spaces

In addition to alleviating the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, spring cleaning can help us to spring clean our internal spaces. As you clean your home, allow your mind to wander. Consider the things you’ve been holding onto that may be having negative effects on you. What can you let go of? What can you find a solution for? By letting go of certain negative situations or finding ways to address them when possible, you open yourself up to a greater sense of peace and stability in your daily life. As you spring clean your home, you’re also removing physical reminders of the internal clutter, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

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