What is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?

I’ve had so many questions about what cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is.  I am a CBT specialist. I love CBT. I do it all day every day.  I thought that I would help you guys learn a little bit about it to let you guys know whether it would be effective for you or not.
CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is focused on thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.  Thoughts, emotions,  and behaviors are different things.  Thoughts are the way that we speak to ourselves in our head.  The self talk that we have.  Our own self-talk in our head that everyone has day in and day out.  Emotions are the sensations in our body.  Examples are happy, sad, joyful, afraid, and scared.  Behaviors are things that we do.  Things that we’re actually engaging in.  For example, talking is a behavior, running as a behavior, washing dishes is a behavior.  It’s something that you can witness.

Changing the Thought Process

CBT does is looks at some of the thought processes that you have identifies patterns within those thought processes.  We look at whether those thought patterns are effective or not.  Sometimes the way we think about ourselves, the world, and our relationships are not effective and can create problems in our life.  CBT helps to look at those thought patterns and change them to help you have a better outlook  To have more positive emotions in your life just by changing your thoughts.

Changing the Behaviors

CBT also focuses on changing your behaviors to change your thoughts.  Behavior is always preceded by thoughts.  For example, if you go running and then you think, “hey this is really fun” you’re going to be happy.  We want to look at those behaviors that may bring about more positive, more helpful and effective thoughts for you.

The lingo

When you’re engaging in CBT you’re going to be really hearing words like cognitive or thought processes.  You’ll be talking about your own self-talk.  You’re going to be talking about behaviors that you can do to help increase positive self-talk.  You’ll be also talking about what kind of emotions or feelings are you experiencing based on the changes that you’ve had from thoughts or from the behaviors that you’re changing.
I hope this is helpful CBT! Cognitive behavioral therapy is very effective to help treat a lot of issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain.  It’s very effective for substance abuse recovery.  It’s a really effective tool.
If you guys are ready for it we are ready to help you.  LMV Counseling provides individual counseling with cognitive behavioral therapy in Wilmington, NC and online counseling to North Carolina residents.  All our counselors are knowledgeable and practice CBT.  We love it so much, so let us help you get to the place where your thought patterns are more effective for you.  More helpful for you.  Ready to have a more positive outlook on your life? Get started now.


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