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05 Sep
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Tips to Help Anxiety While Wearing a Mask

Help for Anxiety While Wearing a Mask Remind yourself you’re getting enough air Focus on your surroundings Reassure yourself that you’re making the right decision for you You’re not alone in having challenges with adjusting during this period of COVID-19. For more help we’re happy to help. Get started now with our experienced and trusted […]

18 Apr
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Anxiety & Gratitude

Tame Anxiety with Gratitude A common theme in mental health right now is anxiety.  Our friends over at Restoring Connections Counseling Center put together this video to remind us how important gratitude is  Gratitude helps us combat our anxiety and focuses us on positivity. Read more about the benefits of gratitude: The Power of Positivity: […]

18 Jan
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Surviving Opinions on Social Media

Surviving your Newsfeed We’ve all experienced it.  You’re scrolling on Instagram and you see a controversial post from a friend that surprises you. You’ve become curious and scrolled through the comments.  It shocks you to see the strong opinions that others are sharing.  Perhaps you’ve even taken part in the back and forth arguments via […]

21 Dec
emotional pain coping

How to Cope with Emotional Pain

Why does emotional pain hurt so much? Things in life can feel overwhelming and difficult to cope with at times. LMV Counseling is dedicated to helping you manage those difficult emotions and events.  That’s why we put together this brief guide to give you some relief when the tough stuff is just too much.  You […]

09 Nov
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How to Say No (without sounding mean)

How to Say No (without sounding mean) We frequently see folks at LMV Counseling who are kind-hearted and giving people.  They are the folks that will give until they are dog tired.  It is very difficult often for some people to tell others “no.”  Sometimes it feels like it’s too hard to put up with […]

11 Oct
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How to Help After a Traumatic Event

How to Help After a Traumatic Event Life happens.  Scary and upsetting events happen.  As loving friends and family members, you want to help those in your life that have been exposed to a traumatic event and may worry about post-traumatic stress disorder.  It’s okay if you don’t know what to say or how to […]

04 Oct
ptsd counseling wilmington nc

Understanding Post Traumatic Stress

Scary and upsetting events are bound to happen in our lives.  However, after an extraordinary event your mind and body learn new ways to react.  You are meant for survival and we have biological structures to help predicting potentially dangerous situations based on our past.  The Amygdala The brain structure looks like an almond.  It […]

20 Apr
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How Does Anxiety Affect Our Body?

Is anxiety a physical experience? Anxiety activates our a branch of our nervous system, called the sympathetic branch.  The sympathetic branch is better known as the fight or flight response.  When we are faced with a threat, our bodies will either fight the threat, freeze, or flee the threat.  Our bodies undergo a magnificent transformation […]

06 Apr
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Is Your Job Is Causing Depression?

Job Dissatisfaction and Depression We’ve all been there at some point in our working lives.  Our job is causing us stress and the demands seem unreasonable.  There are several reasons why people become dissatisfied with their jobs.  Some of the most common reasons are: Poor management style- including a terrible boss Bullying or harassment in […]